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4 Ways to Be Successful on Twitter

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I debuted on Twitter by managing three different Twitter accounts for different websites.  I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing when I started.  As the job quickly became overwhelming I had to enlist additional help from a colleague who was also new to Twitter.  To make my expectations perfectly clear I came up with some introductory Twitter Guidelines to help any newbie.  They were so helpful in upping the quality of my tweets and attracting the followers I wanted, that I thought I would share them with you.

1.  Create a Following:

One of the purposes in creating a twitter account is to enhance your presence on the web.  You can to do that by creating a following that finds your tweets valuable. These are some things you can do to accomplish this:

  • Follow people who share similar interests as you (i.e. career development, social media, personal branding, etc.)
  • Unfollow people that do not share valuable information
  • Organize those you are following into lists
  • Write good tweets

2.  Vary your Posts:

Successful Tweeters vary on the number of tweets they share per day, somewhere in the 5 – 20 range.  They also vary what they tweet.  Here are some ideas:

  • Info Tweet – what have you read, what have you seen, what have you heard, what’s happening, what websites are interesting?
  • RT, Retweet good tweets that others have shared – be sure that the links do not get cut off so always edit before sending
  • Comment Tweet – use the @username to answer or comment on others tweets, if you engage your followers they will engage with you
  • Thanks Tweet – “TX for the follow @username”, “TX for the mention @username”
  • You Tweet – post links to your articles with in your own blog or website, follow the 90/10 rule: 90% post about others, 10% tweet about you.
  • #followfriday –  on Fridays suggest @username people for your followers to follow

3.  Write Good Tweets:

This is a quick checklist for writing good tweets that will be read by your followers:

4.  Maximize your Reach

To maximize the distance your tweets can go you should follow these principles:

  • Send out tweets between 9am and 6pm, focusing on 2 – 3pm, Monday – Wednesday
  • Add “PLS RT” or “please retweet” to the end of posts
  • Use as little characters as you can so others can retweet you

These guidelines keep changing the longer I tweet.  What are your tips for finding Twitter success?


Author: Miranda Vande Kuyt

Miranda is a youth pastor's wife, a mother of three, an older sister and a friend.

One thought on “4 Ways to Be Successful on Twitter

  1. thanks Miranda! You are always reliable as an encourager and source of good info!

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