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Using the Phone in Your Job Search

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Your phone is something you use everyday. Phone calls have many purposes: saying “Hi” to friends, ordering pizza, getting calls from creditors and getting you a job!  Employers use the phone to screen applicants and set up interviews.  Have you ever thought that you could use your phone to call employers? Just like your computer, the internet, newspapers or email, your phone is a useful job search tool. You could call an employer to:

  • inquire about job opportunities
  • find out when is the best time to drop off a resume
  • set up an interview
  • follow-up on the status of your resume or interview results.

The idea of calling an employer may scare you, but there are a few things you can do to make picking up the phone easier:

  • prepare a script of questions and answers that may take place in your phone call
  • practice your script with someone
  • get on the phone and start making calls.

A phone call starts with a simple greeting and introduction of yourself.  Follow that with stating the purpose of your call and the question you would like to ask.  Then thank the person by name.  Like any task, talking on the phone with employers gets easier with practice.  A sample script may sound something like this:

“Hello.  My name is ____________.  I have experience as a ______________ and I am currently interested in a position as a ______________ with your company. When would be the best time to drop off my resume?  Thank-you so much for your time.”

The next time you pick up the phone, consider calling a potential employer. With a little practice you will be ready to handle every call.

This article was originally written for the BC Workinfonet Youth Site, posted on May 1, 2009.  It is reposted here with permission.


Author: Miranda Vande Kuyt

Miranda is a youth pastor's wife, a mother of three, an older sister and a friend.

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