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Who’s The Boss Of The Self-Employed?

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Who's the boss of the self-employed?

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I’ve heard the phrase, “be your own boss” so many times that it appears to be synonymous with the term “self-employed.” But, is that really an accurate description? The formal definition of “boss” is, “an employer or supervisor” or “one who makes decisions or exercises authority” (Nelson Canadian Dictionary, 1998). Although self-employed people have authority over their business activities and make decisions on what work they accept, they still have to answer to a number of others. Let’s take a look at who else has some authority or influence on the work of the self-employed, the ones that keep the self-employed accountable for their business activities. Read More…


Author: Miranda Vande Kuyt

Miranda is a youth pastor's wife, a mother of three, an older sister and a friend.

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