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Why To Keep Your Resume Up To Date

I cannot count the number of times I’ve advised people to revisit their resume often. How often is that exactly? The answer is simple: as often as necessary. Whenever something changes, as soon as you have new experience, skills, knowledge, education or training that would benefit your resume, add it.

Everyone, whether happily in a job or not planning to apply anywhere in the foreseeable future should get into the habit of noting whenever something would be beneficial for their resume. You never know when you will need your resume next. Think about your dream job. If a job opening came up for your dream job, you know, the kind of opportunity you don’t want to miss – would your resume be ready to hand in today?

By noting whenever something new happens, you will keep your resume up to date and ready to go. The physical act of updating your resume on the computer might not be possible (e.g., don’t have access to a computer or are super busy). Instead get into the mindset of noting whenever something would be helpful to land your next job. When you have those thoughts, just grab a pen and jot them down on a copy of your resume or keep important documents (such as certificates, performance reviews, workshop notes) in a folder or binder. Then make a date with yourself to update your resume on the computer every three to six months to keep it current.

Here’s a little story to illustrate my point. Recently I found the ideal job for me. Problem was I hadn’t updated my resume in over three years! I was very busy and the closing date was only a couple hours from when I found the posting. I emailed the hiring manager and sent her a link to my LinkedIn profile, but it was not enough. Not only did I not have a current resume, my LinkedIn profile was out of date too. Turn the clock forward a bit and I got contacted on Twitter with an opportunity for my dream job! Super exciting I know, but I still hadn’t updated my resume! I had spent hours updating my LinkedIn profile which lead to being recruited, but I still had to put my life on hold so I could update my resume and get it in on time.

As you go about your life and are making your way along your career path, make note of your key accomplishments and experiences so you will be ready for your next big opportunity. It also helps you to identify skill gaps so you can make a learning plan to address them. Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile (if you have one) up to date so you are ready for your next big opportunity.

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Who’s The Boss Of The Self-Employed?

Who's the boss of the self-employed?

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I’ve heard the phrase, “be your own boss” so many times that it appears to be synonymous with the term “self-employed.” But, is that really an accurate description? The formal definition of “boss” is, “an employer or supervisor” or “one who makes decisions or exercises authority” (Nelson Canadian Dictionary, 1998). Although self-employed people have authority over their business activities and make decisions on what work they accept, they still have to answer to a number of others. Let’s take a look at who else has some authority or influence on the work of the self-employed, the ones that keep the self-employed accountable for their business activities. Read More…


Establishing Your Online Presence Without Social Media

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Whether you are ready to leap into the world of social media or not, people are already talking about you online—and they may not be saying what you want them to say about you. It might not be that they are saying bad things; they just might not be saying what you want them to. By establishing your presence online you are able to influence what people are saying about you, by framing who you are and what your business can do for others.

There are two types of online profiles. In previous posts we discussed interactive profiles (aka social media) and the basic elements of an online profile. This post discusses non-interactive profiles (aka static profiles), places for one way sharing of information; you talk and your audience listens.

Some static profiles to consider are:  Read More…

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6 Social Media Sites For Building Your Online Presence

Establishing your online presence is essential to influencing what others are saying about you on the internet. Previously we discussed the basic elements of an online profile. Now we’re going to move into the types of profiles to consider: interactive and non-interactive. Interactive profiles are built on Web 2.0 technology and are often referred to as “social media.” These are platforms for you to interact with your target audience, virtual meeting places for people to get to know each other.

Some popular social media sites to consider are: Read More…

Social Media for building online presence

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How To Turn Facebook Into A Virtual Resume

Facebook has changed it up again; Facebook Timeline has been launched and the response has been well received. It’s an entirely new way to look at social media profiles and the change works in your favour. For the first time you can go back and edit your past activity on Facebook by adding life events and status updates. This means you can go back to your birth and recreate your life on social media, filling in the gaps for your friends.

This is incredibly beneficial for job seekers. There are over 800 million active people on Facebook and one of your friends may be the connection to your next job lead. Are you ready? Besides posting that you are looking for work in your status updates, you can make the most of Facebook’s current functionality by making these updates to your profile.  Read More…

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5 Elements Of An Online Profile

People are talking about you online! A simple Google search will reveal where your name is popping up, and you might not like what you read. All self-employed individuals should engage in online brand management to influence what others are saying about them. This includes having well-crafted profiles on several platforms where you will find your target audience. Chris Kulbaba of LinkedIn Heavyweight explains it this way:

“Marketing is made up of the four “P’s”: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. With Social Media, you get the four P’s leveraged for free, as well you get the two “T’s”: trust and transparency. So, in the new world of business, 4P’s + 2T’s = customers buying your product!”

The first step to establishing an online presence is formulating a winning profile that will be consistent on all platforms. This includes the following… Read More

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Seasonal Self-Employment

Seasonal Self Employment

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The holiday season is approaching and with it comes the spirit of giving, often disguised as that incredible urge to buy things for those we love, even if we can’t afford it. Many people blow their budget and feel the pain of their overspending when the credit card bills arrive in January; however, seasonal self-employment could be the answer. This is when you provide a service or product temporarily for the holiday season to help you bring in a certain amount of money. Although it’s a great way to bring in some extra cash to keep the holidays affordable and the bank account healthy, what opportunities are really our there?

Tap into your hidden skills, some self-employment ideas are: